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Spectacular scenery and wildlife of South America
January 12-February 5, 2019: £9,690

Chile is situated in South America, a land of great contrasts, from the deserts of the north to Tierra del Fuego in the extreme south. We are visiting central Chile including Santiago, the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain range. Chiloe Island has estuaries for shorebirds and other marine life. From Puerto Montt we fly over 1,500 kilometres to Punta Arenas, the most southerly city in the world. Surrounding the city are huge expanses of steppe-like habitat and mountain ranges reaching down to the sea. A highlight of Chile is Torres del Paine National Park. The park is a world biosphere reserve and includes numerous glaciers, lakes and towering peaks. Our final destination is Arica in extreme northern Chile and the nearby Andean plateau near Putre. This tour to Chile, which takes in some of the world's most spectacular scenery and wildlife, is truly the experience of a lifetime.

Spring migration in the Eastern Mediterranean
April 10-17, 2019: £1,745 *Reduced by £150

Situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, the island of Cyprus is an ideal staging point for migrant passerines, water birds and birds of prey during the spring. A visit in mid-April gives the opportunity to see a wide range and variety of birds. Many species of wheatear including Black-eared, Desert and Hooded occur. Ruppell’s, Subalpine, Barred, Eastern Orphean and Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler are regular while Isabelline Shrike, Cream-coloured Courser, Trumpeter Finch, Baillon’s Crake, Caspian Plover and Cinereous Bunting are among the less regular but almost annual rarities. Cyprus has two full breeding endemics – Cyprus Warbler and Cyprus Wheatear - as well as four endemic sub-species, one of which, Cyprus Scops Owl, is now accepted by some authorities as a full endemic species in its own right. Cyprus has increasing populations of Spur-winged Lapwing and Black Francolin. The trip will cover both mountain and coastal areas and is based in the coastal city of Limassol.  This tour can be combined with the island of Lesbos (see below).

Spring migration in the Eastern Mediterranean
April 18-27, 2019: £1,345 *Reduced by £150

Lesbos is the third-largest Greek Island situated in the Aegean Sea. The coast of Turkey is a few kilometres eastwards. The geographical position of Lesbos attracts migrants on their way to Turkey and beyond. The island has a varied and fascinating landscape with mountains and pinewoods in the south, rocky valleys in the centre and areas of damp meadows, wetlands and seasonal rivers running into the sea. Lesbos has some sought-after species in Rock and Kruper’s Nuthatches and the internationally scarce Cinereous Bunting. The main purpose of our visit is to witness the spectacular spring migration which takes place every year. The air can be literally alive with herons, marsh terns, birds of prey, hirundines and passerines. Kaloni Saltpans will be visited on most days for shorebirds as the numbers and variety of birds change daily. This tour to Lesbos takes in the very best of birdwatching the eastern half of the Mediterranean region. Our base will be at Skala Kaloni throughout our stay. Lesbos can be combined with our Cyprus tour (see above).

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